by Mario Fratti - West Coast Premiere

"A remarkable piece of theatre."

Los Angeles Times - Critics Choice

A Few Good Men

by Aaron Sorkin - Los Angeles Premiere [produced with  Birdman Productions]

“ ... a seamless new production ...”

Los Angeles Times - Recommended

Desire & Deceit

Executive Producer - Dick DeCoit

" of the Top 15 soaps on the web ..."

Indie Awards

Copyright 2015. Dick DeCoit. All rights reserved.

Critical Praise

Old Country Productions, LLC

Follow Your Heart

Down the Road
by Lee Blessing

“... a solidly acted and well-presented examination of the moral quandaries and interpersonal problems a couple come up against as they interview a serial killer.”

Los Angeles Weekly

The Speed of Darkness
by Steve Tesich [produced with Tolland TheatreWorks]

“In a astutely directed, sensitively acted presentation, the material seems newly vital and urgent.”

Los Angeles Times

Dealer’s Choice
by Patrick Marber [produced with Birdman Productions]

“By expertly stacking the deck, Dealer’s Choice deals a royal flush, for its players are all aces.”

Los Angeles Times - Critics Choice

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground
by William Hanley

“The tortured motions of William Hanley’s Slow Dance on the Killing Ground are never less than absorbing and frequently gripping ...”

Los Angeles Times