the Pilot for Redempti       the Pilot for Redemption and Wanted.

Film credits include leading roles in the independent films The Orphan, Dirty Pictures and The Lift [which received the Gold Award at the Worldfest in Houston, Texas].

Known for his local stage work, he appeared in the Los Angeles premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s  masterpiece A Few Good Men in which his performance as Colonel Jessep found critics unanimous in their praise. Other noteworthy stage roles include the Critic’s Choice production of Dealer’s Choice by Patrick Marber and the lead in the West Coast Premiere of Horton Foote's Young Man from Atlanta. He received one of the last DramaLogue Awards for his performance in The Cave.

His writing  has yielded the Second Cycle of Desire and Deceit and a 30 episode arc for Crime and
Consequences and the short film One Good Reason... all this while developing a new project entitled Silhouettes on the Heart.  [See Upcoming Projects]


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Brian Horn [Editor]

Production Team

She and Dick have collaborated on many projects under OCP’s auspices, including the stage productions of Twelve Angry Jurors, Down the Road and Drowning Sorrows. Their shared vision of the creative process continues to be the impetus for working together. She plays a leading role in Desire and Deceit.

Dick DeCoit [Executive Producer/Writer/Actor]

Old Country Productions, LLC

Follow Your Heart

Bill Ewing [Director]

Frank Bonner [Associate Producer]

Sex, Crime & Consequences will be directed by show business veteran Bill Ewiing.  Bill’s career in the entertainment industry has spanned over forty-five years as an actor, writer, producer, director and studio production executive.  

He started his career as an actor in numerous plays, films and television series, including Luv, The Way of the World, George M, Johnny Got His Gun, Deathmaster, The End, The Hoax, Little House on the Prairie, The Young Rebels and Korg 70,000 BC.

Bill’s directing credits include the West Coast Premieres of Stuffings by James Prideaux, The Runner Stumbles

Jason Allen [Co-Producer ]

also features guest star appearances on Carol and Company, Night Court, Murder She Wrote and Scarecrow and Mrs. King ... to name a few credits on a long, long list.

Bonner’s feature film credits include Hearts of the West, Las Vegas Lady, The Equinox and The Hoax.

On stage he won a Los Angeles Drama Critic’s Circle Award for his work in The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window.

by Milan Stitt and the Lifetime movie, Christmas Child.  As Senior Vice President of Production Administration for Columbia Pictures he worked on numerous feature films including Men In Black, Awakenings and A League of Their Own during his 15+ year tenure.

While serving as President of Every Tribe Entertainment Bill Co-Executive Produced the award-winning documentary Beyond the Gates of Splendor and was Producer and Co-Writer of the feature film End of the Spear.

Bill currently is an independent writer/producer/director developing feature film projects including The Pyramid Principle, God’s Gone Fishing, and Who Moved The Stone.  He also serves as Chairman of Mastermedia International.

Frank has been a working director and actor for over twenty-five years.  Initially working together on stage in Los Angeles formed the basis of a creative and personal relationship with Dick that has lasted many years.

Best known as Herb in WKRP in Cincinnati, the role became a springboard into directing numerous episodes of WKRP where his work as a director was so well received he soon found himself directing episodes of other sitcoms including Family Ties, Who’s the Boss?, The Famous Teddy Z, Frank’s Place and Just the Ten of Us.

As an actor, his regular role on WKRP and a recurring role on Just the Ten of Us highlight a career which

In the more than thirty years since Dick began producing, writing and acting under the Old Country Productions, LLC banner, he has established valued relationships through creative collaboration. The members of the OCP Staff have worked with OCP time and again.

Dick is a veteran of network television soap opera having appeared as a regular on both Young and Restless and Days of Our Lives; with a recurring role on Passions. Recent television appearances include      

Cheryl McWilliams [Associate Managing Member/Actress]

Jason has proven invaluable as a First Assistant Director [DGA] on  number of independent feature films, including the latest projects released in theatres, iTunes and Netflix.  Sample titles are:  Someone Marry Barry, Lionsgate's Blaze You Out and the soon-to-be-released improv-comedy A Better You.

As a Producer, Jason took on the challenge of shooting in Kyoto, Japan for the award-winning short film, Chiya. Jason was also the First Assistant Director and Post-Production Supervisor for the touching film which earned the distinction of being semi-finalist in the 2006 Academy Awards for Best Live Action Short.

Cheryl is familiar to European soap fans as the star of Forever, in which she appeared in over 160 episodes broadcast in eight countries, including England’s BBC. Stateside, she is a frequent visitor to prime time, with credits including C.S.I., Crossing Jordan, The District and a currently untitled series for MTV.. Film credits include roles as the distraught mother of a psychotic teenager in Fear Runs Silent, a frustrated teacher in For the Children and a lesbian inmate who befriends a straight fellow convict in Halfway Home. A Los Angeles theatre veteran, she has received multiple DramaLogue Awards and most recently appeared in the critically acclaimed productions of The Speed of Darkness and the Los Angeles Premiere of A Few Good Men.

Brian is a Primetime Emmy-nominated picture editor, editing such projects as Penn & Teller: Bullshit! for Showtime Networks, Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness for Red Hour and Paramount Pictures, Lucky You: The Players at the Table” for Curtis Hanson and Warner Bros., and America’s Got Talent for Fremantle Media and NBC.  He is currently Lead Cinematics Editor for Blizzard Entertainment. Brian is also an acclaimed musician, receiving an Independent Music Award for his work in music for film and television.

His music can be found on such DVD titles as Fling, Smallville, The Heartbreak Kid, The Ruins, Two and a Half Men, and The New Adventures of Old Christine.  Brian holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University’s Hilton School of Business and a BFA in Film Production from LMU’s School of Film and Television.