Sex, Crime and Consequences
A daring serialized motion picture, Sex, Crime and Consequences delves into the dynamic world of the detectives working in the Hillside Division of Southern California. These dedicated professionals fight to maintain a sane personal life amid the chaos thrust upon them by an environment filled with violent criminals and their victims.

Sexual tension stimulated by intimate working conditions, unresolved deaths of family members and struggling marriages weigh heavily on their lives and the work they have sworn to do.

SC&C promises to rivet audiences as it provides compelling stories based on the real life drama of cops who, one by one, are forced to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Episodes 1-10 are  complete and ready for distribution in a variety of formats.

Funding for Episodes 11-30 is nearly complete with production  scheduled for  late in 2022.

A 30 minute PILOT is available to interested parties.


Copyright 2015. Dick DeCoit. All rights reserved.

Old Country Productions, LLC

Follow Your Heart

Desire & Deceit‚Äč
How well do you know your family?  Your neighbors? Do you know their secrets and lies?  Their desires.  Their deceits?  Early on Jonathan Longacre was committed to saving mankind, easing pain, smoothing the bumps in the road.  As a psychotherapist, he is a success.  As a mere mortal, he may be as clueless as the rest of us.  He loves his wife Caitlin but they both feel their love is unrequited and seek something more. Their children Sean and Sierra stumble as teenagers often do, while brother Marty fights the battle of the bottle known as alcoholism. Hearts and minds are revealed slowly and carefully when love is more certain than betrayal. Come with us on an excursion into these complicated lives ... and possibly gain some insight into your own.


Season One of Desire & Deceit  is currently posted on Amazon Prime  and will soon be added to the ROKU site.  All 18 ten minute episodes are available for viewing.


D&D was voted one of the TOP 15 SOAP OPERAS ON THE INTERNET by the Indie Awards

Dark Justice
The  story of a family at odds with itself while skirting the boundaries of the law they are sworn to uphold.

Events from the past return to haunt each family member and force a crisis of familial identification.


Script in development.

Silhouettes on the Wall

The Project

Inspired by events in the life of Frances Mead Messinger as detailed in her memoir Silhouettes on the Wall.  A happily married woman, she has brought a young Indian girl into her home in order to introduce her to mainstream American culture.   When the girl  is arrested, Frances struggles to understand the girl 's motives. Her once solid marriage turns rocky when she is forced to confront her husband's philandering. The situation turns violent as she struggles to resolve both issues and Frances is lead down a dangerous path.

One Good Reason


Based on an excerpt from Sow, funding for  the project [aimed at festival entry] is nearly complete with  production scheduled for early 2021.

Sow - The Feature Film


With the completion of One Good Reason, a feature film script has been commissioned and a 2023 production date targeted.